Skydiving is one of the best known extreme sports and my personal favorite. Whether performed in tandem or alone, it is an experience that combines the adrenaline of speed with the possibility of seeing the world from a perspective that is otherwise difficult to achieve. This perspective will let you gain a new appreciation for places that already thought were beautiful from the ground view. As a skydiving instructor, I, Charles Russel Leone, have visited many of the world's most popular jumping sites in order to advise people on where to go, so here are some of my favorites. Charles Russell Leone IV

"Hey there, I’m Russell. I am a fan of photography, writing, and fitness. Very active/passionate about sports. I’m also interested in hiking and travel" Charles Russell Leone IV

Ever since I was a little kid, I liked to be active. However, when I say that, I don’t only mean active as in playing sports. Although, sports were a huge part of my childhood and teen years, and they still make up a huge part of my life. Besides being physically active, I’ve always enjoyed being a part of different organizations. I’m a very social person who likes to have fun and make new friends. All of my hobbies gave me the opportunity to meet new people. Although there were folks from all different backgrounds, most of them were my age and they shared my interests and passions. Charles Russell Leone IV

Skydiving is an activity that will leave you with a unique memory, but you probably have questions about this unforgettable experience. Charles Russell Leone IV

Whatever the reason, thousands of questions go through your head and here are all the answers from someone who’s been skydiving for a long time, a licensed skydiving instructor Charles Russell Leone IV. Here’s all there is to know before you jump from a plane at more than 100 miles per hour. Charles Russell Leone IV